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Lumica Capital LLC: Empowering Your Financial Journey

Unlock the potential of your commercial real estate or business with Lumica Capital’s comprehensive financing solutions.

Tailored Financing Solutions

Our team specializes in crafting tailored financing solutions to address the unique needs of each client, ensuring optimal results for your projects.

Years of Experience

With decades of combined experience in commercial real estate and business finance, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to every transaction.

Divers Lending Network

Benefit from our extensive network of bank, institutional, family office, and private lenders, providing you with access to a wide range of loan products.

Who Are We?

Empowering Your Financial Growth

At Lumica Capital, we’re more than lenders; we’re partners in your success story. With a commitment to integrity and personalized service, we navigate the complex world of finance to secure the best solutions for your ventures.

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Trusted Clients
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Services We Offer?

Empower Your Dreams with Lumica Capital's Funding Solutions

Real Estate Loans

Our real estate loan programs cover a spectrum of needs, including traditional, investment, bridge, and private money transactions. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your real estate investments.

Turn your real estate aspirations and business ambitions into reality with Lumica Capital’s versatile funding options. From unlocking property potentials to facilitating business growth, we’re dedicated to fueling your journey towards success.

Business Loans

From working capital to equipment financing, our business loan solutions are designed to provide you with the capital you need to fuel growth and drive success.

Why Choose Us?

Your Trusted Financial Partner

Discover why Lumica Capital stands out as your premier choice for commercial real estate and business financing.

Innovative Solutions

We offer creative and forward-thinking financial solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Responsive Support

Our dedicated team provides prompt and attentive support, ensuring your questions are addressed efficiently.

Industry Insights

Benefit from our deep industry knowledge and insights, empowering you to seize opportunities.

Strategic Guidance

Receive expert guidance and advice to help you navigate complex financial landscapes and achieve your goals.

Long-Term Partnership

Build a lasting partnership with Lumica Capital, where we are committed to your success now and in the future.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Lumica Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Inquiries

Discover answers to common questions about Lumica Capital’s comprehensive services in traditional, investment, bridge, and private money commercial real estate financing.

Lumica Capital LLC provides a wide array of financing options, including traditional commercial loans, investment financing, bridge loans, hard money loans, and private money transactions. We also specialize in SBA loans, offering both SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 programs for business growth and expansion.

We simplify the SBA loan process through our direct partnership with two PLP SBA banks, allowing us to perform preliminary underwriting and issue Letters of Intent quickly. This streamlines the application and approval process, making it faster and more efficient for our clients.

Our bridge loans provide short-term financing to cover gaps between transactions, ideal for quick purchases or renovations. Hard money loans, often used in distressed situations, are asset-based and provide fast funding without relying heavily on the borrower’s credit score. Both options offer flexibility and quick turnaround times for urgent financing needs.